The Mares at Binley descend from the two lead Crabbet mares from Rosemary and Richard Archer’s Worth Arabian Stud, Silvern Dream and Sa’lilah. Binley has added a few extra Crabbet bloodlines to its mare band through the homebred stallion, Grecian Idyll (Silvern Idyll x Grecian Gilt). Two daughters are retained. The Sa’lilah line is hanging on through AHS Premium Mare, Sa’ira, now 22. Her daughter Binley Silver Sunset is retained. Sa’ira’s daughter Seren Sura is in Spain. The two Silvern Image daughters, Binley Silvern Grace and Binley Golden Reverie together with grand-daughter Binley Silvern Tahlia (Silvern Prince x Summertime Blues) complete the picture.